Kesineni refund woes

Have you ever tried Kesineni Travels online booking? How many times your transaction failed? Got refund? Here are few suggestions.

Before you start:

1. Use IE, other browsers might not be compatible with Kesineni.

2. Make sure that you start payment process in the 3rd minute itself, since little delay at Bank Gateway or CCAvenue gateway might push the transaction to 8th minute. (I am not sure with this, but as per other users, you must finish payment too in 7 min.)

3. The best way is avoid that stupid site wholly, try if there are no extra charges.

What if Transaction fails::

Check your account, make sure that money got debited.

Case a: Order number not generated by CCAvenue.

Contact CCAvenue ( with as many details as you can. They will update you and Kesineni with transaction number then please proceed as in Case b.

Case b: Got order number from CCAvenue but Kesineni failed to recognize that.

Contact Kesineni Customer Care with order number, make sure that no ticket booked, and ask them to raise a ticket for refund. They will inform you that you will get refund in 5 working days. But only in rarest of rare cases.( You might get refund initiation mail from CCAvenue next day itself but nothing happens, dont bother CCAvenue, its not their problem).

Wait for 7-10 days, call them again, and this time ask for complaint number if they ignored this on first call.

Well its not the end, most probably they need atleast a month time to initiate refund process, so call them again after 20 days ask them to raise ticket again, you will get refund between 25 – 35 days.

Still no information about refund? Send a written notice to their Vijayawada head office and threaten to sue them.




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Abortion Survivor

The purpose of abortion is simple — to kill the child.   Sometimes, however, things go “wrong” and the child actually survives. Note: The following is based on an interview 28 year-old Gianna Jessen gave to the Independent, a newspaper in the UK.

My biological mother was seven-and-a-half months pregnant when she decided to abort me. I don’t know why she made that decision. It was 1977. She and my biological father were 17 at the time and weren’t married.

She went to a clinic in Los Angeles and had a saline abortion. A salt solution is injected into the mother’s womb, which the baby gulps. The solution also burns the baby inside and out. The idea was that within 24 hours she would deliver a dead baby. But, by the grace of God, I survived.

The abortionist wasn’t on duty when I came into the world. Had he been there, he would have ended my life with strangulation, suffocation or leaving me there to die, which was considered perfectly legal up until 5 August 2002 in the United States. Now, a child who has survived an abortion must receive proper medical care. The abortionist had to sign my birth certificate. He had to acknowledge a life that just hours before he was trying to end.

The only person even remotely concerned about my well-being was the nurse. She called an ambulance and had me transferred to a hospital. I was placed in an incubator weighing two pounds. They didn’t expect me to live.

After several months they decided that I had a tremendous will to live. I was placed in the foster care system and at 17 months was diagnosed with cerebral palsy due to lack of oxygen while I was being burnt alive for 18 hours in my mother’s womb. I was 32lbs, couldn’t move and they said that I would just be a vegetable for the rest of my life.

My foster mother, Penny, decided that despite what the doctors were saying, she would work with me. She did my physical therapy three times a day and I began to hold up my head, sit up and crawl. Eventually, at the age of three-and-a-half, I was able to walk with a walker and leg braces. That was the age at which Penny’s daughter, Diana, who was then in her thirties, adopted me.

I’m 28 now and work as a musician in Nashville, Tennessee. I still walk with a limp and fall occasionally. But I’ve just completed my first marathon and will be running the London Marathon next April to raise funds for children with cerebral palsy. I’ll be running on behalf of Stars Organization Supporting Cerebral Palsy.

Diana told me about my past. I had always had this sense that there was more to my life story. I was always asking her why I had cerebral palsy. You would have thought that I would be fine with her answers because I was a premature baby or that I had experienced a traumatic birth.

But when I asked her again when I was 12 she asked me whether I really wanted to know and I said yes. When she explained it to me, my reply was typical of a 12-year-old. I just said, at least I have cerebral palsy for an interesting reason. My mother said a good thing: that instead of focusing on the fact that you almost died, rejoice in the fact that you are alive. And I do.

When I was 17, Diana met my biological mother and communicated very clearly to her my forgiveness. I’m a Christian. I believe that bitterness eats up your life. I want to be the opposite of bitter. I never wanted to meet her. Penny has loved me so well I don’t feel the need. I don’t know much about the meeting, only that she didn’t ask for forgiveness from me and that she had another abortion later.

I started speaking out about abortion when I was 14, and on Tuesday I will be speaking to a parliamentary meeting at the House of Commons about it. I believe that it’s important when something like this has happened to you to present the truth about not just abortion, but also about what a tremendous life you can possess through overcoming weakness.

I don’t believe that killing is a right. I am completely against abortion in any circumstance, including rape.

Even though rape is a horrific crime I do not believe that a child should have to pay for the crime. I don’t believe that abortion in that case will solve a problem. In fact I have met people who are the product of rape and they say they are very glad to be alive. If abortion is merely about women’s rights then what were mine? There wasn’t a radical feminist yelling about how my rights were being violated on that day.

Every day I thank God for life. I do not consider myself a by-product of conception, a clump of tissue, or any other of the titles given to a child in the womb. I do not consider any person conceived to be any of those things. I have met other survivors of abortion. They are all thankful for life.

Today, a baby is a baby when convenient. It is tissue or otherwise when the time is not right. A baby is a baby when miscarriage takes place at two, three, four months. A baby is called a tissue or clumps of cells when an abortion takes place at two, three, four months. Why is that? I see no difference.

I believe that I am living proof that abortion is the killing of a human being. My biological mother felt that she was entitled to a choice 28 years ago that she thought would only affect her. And yet I bear the mark of her choice every day of my life with my cerebral palsy. Although I don’t hold it against her, I think it’s important for people to think about that before they make their decision.


I know this violates  Copy Right law, but  I want the world to know the truth.  More over this is to educate people, not for money.

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US Recesion Myths

Dont be panic with the news of Recession in US, recession is not a volcano that will erupt in a single day and will kill all of your jobs in US. I just want to clarify a few myths about recession..

Media just give more weight to recession just because of elections and wanted to back Democrats.

Why recession started??

First of all, in the eve of elections and due to slow down of militant activities the fiscal expansion and government consumption on war reduced as a result Aggregate demand decreased and sectors which depend highly on Government Buying not able to bag much more income.

End of IT Buble??
A few days back Yahoo published a news saying 63k people fired, but the fact is 63k people left jobs in last 5 years and are out of Job Market, what does this mean? Yes people who retired, people who left US, people who came back to education after a gap year are included in this 63k, Yahoo just giving this publicity to attract more clients to its Portals for Job Search and Online Education.

What really happening.
US market is not volatile, we can’t expect the same liquidity constraint that raised during 9/11due to current sub prime situation, the stock market will be volatile since Securities saw a large losses and the whole banking sector is now under threat. So, people who are trying to invest in new ventures are prone to this threat. So, if you are planning for huge Investment in India or in US or in any Open Market Countries, yes your work will be much more difficult now.

Change in Govt. can do??
No, more over, change in government will decrease government spending and if you are from Government dependent industries expect worse situation, else there will be no change in the job market.

But why Job Market is slowing down??
Indeed job market never go down completely unless situations like war or such disasters.
When Economy is booming, a few sectors will show immense growth, like Communications and IT sectors in past few years, at the first stage there is more demand for employees and less supply, this will continue for a few years and after that the companies will focus on Economic profits rather than Accounting profits and US Fed Laws won’t allow you to price more than marginal cost, so with Globilization the economy moves to other countries too and the industry will grow and Job market too, so, there is more demand for employees and more and more employees come out to join in other companies, so the natural rate of employment will be more and huge increases in salaries.
We can’t expect the growth of industry will be 9% for ever, so after 5-8 years the growth will stabilize to 2-3% or less and job fluctuations too, this doesn’t mean the job market was down completely, a few years back there are 1000 vacancies and 900 candidates, but now 100 jobs 50-150 candidates.
So, there is simultaneous decrease in jobs and job aspirants too.

I am taking about US economy only, not Indian.
If you are investor, yes the recession will hit you, if you are employee you see no difference.
Apply with right resume you will be out of unemployment pool in a week, I bet. US needs lakhs of system and network admins right now.

For every economy after a few business cycles you will experience recession and expansion, thats what happening in the world from past 200 years.

First of all, when the economy is working at full potential means no layoffs or no firing, still some rate of unemployment will be there, since people try to shift jobs, move to new locations, move to new companies so on, this is called natural rate of employment.

If demand is more, then companies give higher and higher salaries to those and recruit them, especially in construction sector, a few years back major construction boom hit Minnesota, Electricians charged 11 times more that their natural pay. After some time correction will take place, once all the houses are constructed and they wages will decline, and the media will give alot attention to that.

Exhibit 1: (After construction over what companies do with labour? just fire the additional workers, thats what the statement below states)

The private sector lost 101,000 jobs last month, the biggest dropoff in five years. Retail stores shed 34,000 jobs, while the manufacturing sector lost 52,000 workers and construction firm payrolls shrank by 39,000 jobs.

Not even a single Job Loss in IT, Services and Finance sectors.

Exhibit 2:

United StatesUnemployment Rate: 4.8% (2006 Est.) According to

Exhibit 3:

Those developments sent the unemployment rate down to 4.8 percent last month from 4.9 percent in January. “Had the 450,000 people who left the labor force last month been counted among the unemployed, the jobless rate would have been 5.1 percent instead of 4.8 percent,” Bernstein, of the Economic Policy Institute, said.

Exhibit 4:

“Our economy has added about 860,000 jobs over the last 12 months — an average of 72,000 jobs per month — and more than 8.1 million since August 2003,” the White House said.

Exhibit 5:

Natural rate of Unemployment in US is 5%.

Untill unemployment rate comes to 5%, and stabilizes there the fluctuations will continue. Unemployment rate in India is 18%, except in 1982, it never happened in history of US. Don’t divert your mind with the over hype by media, which working against Republicans. There is no problem to jobs in US, go to any job site, search for new listing in past 4 weeks,  you will know the fact. US needs lakhs of IT Employees, Microsoft alone need 1 lakh programmers, read Yesterday’s Gates statement. If situation is that much hard, US will cut H1 to 2-8k from 60,000.

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India going back into slavery, the new master is US.

Today I received call from SBI RM Guntur, he said they were alot interested in my project and asked me to meet him to proceed further, I submitted my report in April 2007, but then no one showed any interest, then they are eagerly waiting to give loans to textile parks and SEZ at Mangalagiri. After they lost more than 6 crores, they want some other sources to cover that loss, later they gave huge amounts to people with shares as collateral, and now they want fluctuation less markets.

My request for export license pending from past two years, I need to be either Tamilian or pay lakhs of bribe to get that license, but this year, McDonald’s applied and got license in a month and exported 50 crore kgs of Potatos to South East Asia and Srilanka, with margin of 2 rupees per kg and earned 100 crore rupees, we Indians fighting with Kamma Reddy feeling or Telugu Tamil attitude, those Americans exploiting us, just as Britishers did before.

I traveled AP, Karnataka, TN, Gujarat to survey cash crops and food crop returns and planned every thing, in the final moment I am unable to get all required licenses since the Congress government is against Kammas, else I need to pay huge bribes, the lands I gave advance were now under some foreign SEZ, the seeds for crops comes from US and our farmers pay 20 times more than US farmers, then some US company will buy the whole crop, they export them to some other poor country and they pay no tax since exemption under SEZ, later our farmers will pay property tax and Income tax too.

The same scenario took place in 1800s is now repeating, as Indigenous enthusiastic entrepreneur it took 3 years to hear some positive news, but US companies did that in a single day.

Congress, DMK, BJP all the three parties cheated me. But they just passed the whole file in a month for some US company what a coordination between the three political enemies.

But who will lead the Independence movement this time? If Gandhi again, then Maharashtra people hate him since he is not a local, Congress part works against him since he is Hindu, Left will kill him since he believe God Ram, BJP may ask him to leave country since he is against US, Tamilians hates him since, Karuna wants his son Stalin to be next CM, Telugu people too hate him since he is against US Brain Drain, …………….. God Bless India….

The educated class of India bowing on their knees to US, farmers are greatly ignored, politicians wants local disputes, minorities need reservations, who need India??

Morale:: US Companies get loans for their expansion in India, they get land for free of cost, they sell their seeds to farmers, with the same amount they buy products of farmers, they export them with out paying any taxes under SEZ exemption, they get free electricity, so, we Indians work and save money they those US companies earn with that money.  They invest nothing, they do nothing for the farmers, but they earn huge profits and build empires.

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Impartial Tollywood Box office report of 2007

2007 is bad year for Telugu Film Industry. With a few hits and lot of flops 2007 bid adieu.

First movie released after Pokiri, yes Mahesh babu’s Sainikudu is big flop.

It took three months to record first hit this year, Dhee, first hit in 2007 and to Vishnu. Srinu Vaitla copied all available movies and recorded first hit.

All the four top heroes recorded only flops except Venky’s AMAV.

Hit movies in 2007 ( Not in any order)

1. Adavaari Matalaku Ardhale Verule.

2. Yama Donga.

3. Happy Days

4. Lakshyam

5. Dhee

Movies did above average at Box office (Not in any order)

1. Mantra 2. Evadaite Nakenti 3. Chandamaama 4. Sivaji 5. Raghavan

Movies did average at box office.

1. Desamuduru 2. Yamagola malli modalayyinde. 3. Dubai Seenu 4. Madhumasam 5. Operation Dhuryodhana
Movies did okay at box office (As per collections)

1. Tulasi 2. Aata 3. Maharadhi. 4. Athidhi 5. Chiruta
Movies created lot hype before release and utter flop  after release.

1. Athidi 2. Sainikudu 3. Shankar Dada Zindabad 4. Chiruta 5. Maha Radhi 6. Class mates 7. Don 8. Jagadam 9. Hello Premistara 10. Lakshmi Kalyanam 11. Munna 12. Yogi 13. Aata 14. Police Story-2 15. Takkari 16. Vijayadasami 17. Bhukailas

Over all a few hits and lot of losses Tollywood ended 2007.

There is reduction in direct films and no dubbed film showed much impact on collections. Although a few movies are better at collections due to hype and other reasons but movies with drastic drop in collections after three weeks are included in utter flops.

PS: I excluded Allari Naresh’s movies. Of course non had any impact at box office.

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Gods printed on under wears. site selling under wears with Indian flags and Hindus goddess. Even Yantra are also printed on under wears.

These western must stop insulting other religions and countries. When will these barbarian ppl know how to respect other countries sentiments?

Barbarian people and barbarian acts.

As a civilized Indian I am not going to comment on this act, we can’t make those stupids to learn sentiments.
They lost every thing under name civilization, they are none other than animals. So, we can’t make animals civilized or well behaved. They are animals they behave as animals only.
Insulting others will definitely make them pay, as they sponsored terrorism all over the world, and they in turn killed Americans.
Jesus you forgot to add brains to those people. At least add common sense.
Kali Yantra on ladies under wear.…t_/fpt_/c_666/Tricolor flag on ladies underwear…pt_/c_666/pg_5

UPDATE :: That site insults all religions in same manner, you can get print of any god irrespective of religion on any piece of cloth T- shirt to under wear. So, I renamed the title (removed word Hindu)

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Movies, Gossips and GreatAndhra.

I am not a fanatic reader of gossips. I often visit to see reviews of sirasri on recent movies. Then I read a few posts which are catchy. But from past 3-4 weeks I am tracking the works of various journalists at

Today one post claimed that Nagarjuna’s assets worth more than 10,000 crores, the writer claims that Nagarjuna was richer to Ramoji Rao, since Nag’s 300 acre lands at Nanakramguda worth 9000 crores alone ( Each 30 crores). Ramoji Film city located at the other end of the city, Ramoji film city was built in 1000+ acres, even if each acre costs 10 crores, Ramoji can easily surpass Nag.

Another post claimed that Andhra Jyothy crossed eenadu circulation during Chiranjeevi political episode. Eenadu’s current circulation is more than 12 lakhs in 2006, where as circulation of AndhraJyothy is just crossed 6 lakhs. Is it possible to double the production with out any additions to machinery? It’s practically impossible unless they prepare the edition before 2 days. AndhraJyothy at most can produce 2 lakh more editions a day that too its highly not possible with its current status, it can increase its production for 10% not much more. Planned editions like special editions or Sunday special issues can be published in 20% excess, since they can work off time since those editions are ready before a few days.

Most writers just keep on writing such false articles, they make claims with out any grounds, just they build towers in air. They often target characters of heroines and their personal life. Yesterday I read a post which warns of yellow journalism. Such targeting Ramoji, heroines and such illogical issues is nothing but “Yellow journalism”.

With out any hesitation they copy star interviews and other news published exclusively in eenadu, and they publish that as of their own news. And one post claimed that TV9 tops in Telugu news channels followed by NTV and ETV-2. But I wonder how they came to that conclusion? Had they conducted any scientific survey or they are associated with some TRP rating association? Say their report is true, but how come ETV-2 grabs more advertisements to TV9 and NTV?

I think writers at greatandhra sleep all the day, they wake up at midnight watch all available news channels, and social networking sites, add mass to a news or event, if no such events create then, interpret in their own way, write article as they watched the event with their eyes. Write an article every day against Ramoji Rao, since they were fired from eenadu. I think these guys were thrown out of eenadu office due to false stories and started or joined in greatandhra and trying to write scrap against Ramoji.

In another post, they claimed that one heroine roamed naked in sets for one and half hour and they pointed out that many times till that movie release, but once that movie flopped they left that issue, if thats a hit they will drag till 100 days function. It exploited Srija’s episode than any other site.

But articles by a few writers like kanvasa, sirasri, nagendra write good articles, and a few articles against Misamma IPS are too good, but over all 10% good and 90% bad.

Such nonsense creates unnecessary confusions among public, greatandhra site is for NRIs, but most traffic is from India. Hope they will change their attitude to throw mud over selected people. Any way, might be their visitors want such imaginative stories and they cater to needs of their visitors. If they stop such propaganda they may miss their seat, any way, what ever reason may be such attitude harms the society.

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