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US Recesion Myths

Dont be panic with the news of Recession in US, recession is not a volcano that will erupt in a single day and will kill all of your jobs in US. I just want to clarify a few myths about recession..

Media just give more weight to recession just because of elections and wanted to back Democrats.

Why recession started??

First of all, in the eve of elections and due to slow down of militant activities the fiscal expansion and government consumption on war reduced as a result Aggregate demand decreased and sectors which depend highly on Government Buying not able to bag much more income.

End of IT Buble??
A few days back Yahoo published a news saying 63k people fired, but the fact is 63k people left jobs in last 5 years and are out of Job Market, what does this mean? Yes people who retired, people who left US, people who came back to education after a gap year are included in this 63k, Yahoo just giving this publicity to attract more clients to its Portals for Job Search and Online Education.

What really happening.
US market is not volatile, we can’t expect the same liquidity constraint that raised during 9/11due to current sub prime situation, the stock market will be volatile since Securities saw a large losses and the whole banking sector is now under threat. So, people who are trying to invest in new ventures are prone to this threat. So, if you are planning for huge Investment in India or in US or in any Open Market Countries, yes your work will be much more difficult now.

Change in Govt. can do??
No, more over, change in government will decrease government spending and if you are from Government dependent industries expect worse situation, else there will be no change in the job market.

But why Job Market is slowing down??
Indeed job market never go down completely unless situations like war or such disasters.
When Economy is booming, a few sectors will show immense growth, like Communications and IT sectors in past few years, at the first stage there is more demand for employees and less supply, this will continue for a few years and after that the companies will focus on Economic profits rather than Accounting profits and US Fed Laws won’t allow you to price more than marginal cost, so with Globilization the economy moves to other countries too and the industry will grow and Job market too, so, there is more demand for employees and more and more employees come out to join in other companies, so the natural rate of employment will be more and huge increases in salaries.
We can’t expect the growth of industry will be 9% for ever, so after 5-8 years the growth will stabilize to 2-3% or less and job fluctuations too, this doesn’t mean the job market was down completely, a few years back there are 1000 vacancies and 900 candidates, but now 100 jobs 50-150 candidates.
So, there is simultaneous decrease in jobs and job aspirants too.

I am taking about US economy only, not Indian.
If you are investor, yes the recession will hit you, if you are employee you see no difference.
Apply with right resume you will be out of unemployment pool in a week, I bet. US needs lakhs of system and network admins right now.

For every economy after a few business cycles you will experience recession and expansion, thats what happening in the world from past 200 years.

First of all, when the economy is working at full potential means no layoffs or no firing, still some rate of unemployment will be there, since people try to shift jobs, move to new locations, move to new companies so on, this is called natural rate of employment.

If demand is more, then companies give higher and higher salaries to those and recruit them, especially in construction sector, a few years back major construction boom hit Minnesota, Electricians charged 11 times more that their natural pay. After some time correction will take place, once all the houses are constructed and they wages will decline, and the media will give alot attention to that.

Exhibit 1: (After construction over what companies do with labour? just fire the additional workers, thats what the statement below states)

The private sector lost 101,000 jobs last month, the biggest dropoff in five years. Retail stores shed 34,000 jobs, while the manufacturing sector lost 52,000 workers and construction firm payrolls shrank by 39,000 jobs.

Not even a single Job Loss in IT, Services and Finance sectors.

Exhibit 2:

United StatesUnemployment Rate: 4.8% (2006 Est.) According to

Exhibit 3:

Those developments sent the unemployment rate down to 4.8 percent last month from 4.9 percent in January. “Had the 450,000 people who left the labor force last month been counted among the unemployed, the jobless rate would have been 5.1 percent instead of 4.8 percent,” Bernstein, of the Economic Policy Institute, said.

Exhibit 4:

“Our economy has added about 860,000 jobs over the last 12 months — an average of 72,000 jobs per month — and more than 8.1 million since August 2003,” the White House said.

Exhibit 5:

Natural rate of Unemployment in US is 5%.

Untill unemployment rate comes to 5%, and stabilizes there the fluctuations will continue. Unemployment rate in India is 18%, except in 1982, it never happened in history of US. Don’t divert your mind with the over hype by media, which working against Republicans. There is no problem to jobs in US, go to any job site, search for new listing in past 4 weeks,  you will know the fact. US needs lakhs of IT Employees, Microsoft alone need 1 lakh programmers, read Yesterday’s Gates statement. If situation is that much hard, US will cut H1 to 2-8k from 60,000.


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Movies, Gossips and GreatAndhra.

I am not a fanatic reader of gossips. I often visit to see reviews of sirasri on recent movies. Then I read a few posts which are catchy. But from past 3-4 weeks I am tracking the works of various journalists at

Today one post claimed that Nagarjuna’s assets worth more than 10,000 crores, the writer claims that Nagarjuna was richer to Ramoji Rao, since Nag’s 300 acre lands at Nanakramguda worth 9000 crores alone ( Each 30 crores). Ramoji Film city located at the other end of the city, Ramoji film city was built in 1000+ acres, even if each acre costs 10 crores, Ramoji can easily surpass Nag.

Another post claimed that Andhra Jyothy crossed eenadu circulation during Chiranjeevi political episode. Eenadu’s current circulation is more than 12 lakhs in 2006, where as circulation of AndhraJyothy is just crossed 6 lakhs. Is it possible to double the production with out any additions to machinery? It’s practically impossible unless they prepare the edition before 2 days. AndhraJyothy at most can produce 2 lakh more editions a day that too its highly not possible with its current status, it can increase its production for 10% not much more. Planned editions like special editions or Sunday special issues can be published in 20% excess, since they can work off time since those editions are ready before a few days.

Most writers just keep on writing such false articles, they make claims with out any grounds, just they build towers in air. They often target characters of heroines and their personal life. Yesterday I read a post which warns of yellow journalism. Such targeting Ramoji, heroines and such illogical issues is nothing but “Yellow journalism”.

With out any hesitation they copy star interviews and other news published exclusively in eenadu, and they publish that as of their own news. And one post claimed that TV9 tops in Telugu news channels followed by NTV and ETV-2. But I wonder how they came to that conclusion? Had they conducted any scientific survey or they are associated with some TRP rating association? Say their report is true, but how come ETV-2 grabs more advertisements to TV9 and NTV?

I think writers at greatandhra sleep all the day, they wake up at midnight watch all available news channels, and social networking sites, add mass to a news or event, if no such events create then, interpret in their own way, write article as they watched the event with their eyes. Write an article every day against Ramoji Rao, since they were fired from eenadu. I think these guys were thrown out of eenadu office due to false stories and started or joined in greatandhra and trying to write scrap against Ramoji.

In another post, they claimed that one heroine roamed naked in sets for one and half hour and they pointed out that many times till that movie release, but once that movie flopped they left that issue, if thats a hit they will drag till 100 days function. It exploited Srija’s episode than any other site.

But articles by a few writers like kanvasa, sirasri, nagendra write good articles, and a few articles against Misamma IPS are too good, but over all 10% good and 90% bad.

Such nonsense creates unnecessary confusions among public, greatandhra site is for NRIs, but most traffic is from India. Hope they will change their attitude to throw mud over selected people. Any way, might be their visitors want such imaginative stories and they cater to needs of their visitors. If they stop such propaganda they may miss their seat, any way, what ever reason may be such attitude harms the society.

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Kushboo, Sania and now Susmita Sen

Injuries or lack of roles to play makes these people mad. I think they want to bag offers by using highly controversial words “Pre Marital Sex” in India. Loosing virginity before marriage is treated as a sin and offense in India, but such issues will earn publicity at the extent of Pride of India.

Previous foreign media exploited an article published by India Today, which summarized India men are prostitutes. How come AIDS is much less prevalent in India if all 60 crore Indian men visits prostitutes often? More over, how come AIDS is wide spread among Indian women to men? If at all at least 2% Indians visit prostitutes, more than 3 crore Indians will be AIDS patients, but it’s far less than that.

Even WHO, UNO over estimated spread of AIDS in India, of course, it helped in creating awareness, it did good than bad. But to en cash craze about Indian Virginity, foreign media started throwing mud on Indian Public, but a few ill minded Indian joined too.

First of all, Marans who used abusive Shilpa Shetty and Rima Sen’s postures to sell their paper. Maran holding Union Cabinet seat, made his hands dirty while holding such a responsible position. And now it’s another Tamil Paper’s turn Thinathanthi which published Sen’s comments about India women as no India who will be virgin till marriage.

First of all the news paper must have censored such news, since may be such new create sensation but may result in violence or permanent damage to national pride. May be Sen run affair with hundred men, but that’s her personal issue, but attributing that to entire Indian public is not at all reasonable. Her exact comments as per Indian Express”no Indian is chaste or virgin anymore and having pre-marital or post marital affair is nothing wrong in society nowadays”. No Indian daily focused light on this except IE. Once again Indian Express proved that it works for public and they have social responsibility.

IE can gave no importance to this issue on October 7, 2007, when that interview published in Thinathanthi. After Girish filed petition at Madurai high court, it published this news. But there is no substantial evidence against Sen. Is this publicity stunt of Sen or Thinathanthi?

Sen, holding that belief and announcing to press is little crime when compared to Thinathanthi’s fabrication. If Thinathanthi fabricated her interview, the editor, reporter and management should be held responsible for their grave crime and must get severe punishment. Defaming one’s fame for their publicity is no minor crime, but damaging national pride for their sales is grave crime.

This issue will worsen and will in return be exploited by foreign media to defame India, who are actually waiting for such incidents to happen. In my view, if Sen used those words, she must be banned from public appearance and or house arrested. If the news was fabricated by Thinathanthi, the person who fabricated that news, editor and management must be punished with capital punishment.

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My Experience with Indian Cellular Service Providers.

Consumer is the king, India is exception, where customer is treated as a slave. My experience started with Hutch, then BSNL, Airtel, Idea and again Airtel.


I used Hutch for two years, I am not a phone bird, the used to spend very less time on phones, but during some departmental activities I used my friend’s phone with Hutch Post Paid connection. During busy days my phone bill used to cross 1500, and my friend’s budget was Rs. 250 a month, so we shifted to Plan 799. Plan details are, 700 minutes free talk time, 400 free SMS, and then onwards local mobile call priced at 1 rupee, land line call at Rs. 2.45 and SMS at 25 paisa. First year it was fine, later we switched back to PLAN 250 since our event passed. Next year we again switched to PLAN 799( or 700), this time no free SMS, I used one or two SMS a month, so we again opted that plan with out any hesitation. We paid triple bill to last year, unable to find time to analyze the bill, more over the bill ships to another city. After 2 huge bills, this time we stopped payment and analyzed the bill. We are shocked to see plan change, every local mobile call charged at 2.75 per minute. We approached Hutch customer care they told that, as that plan no longer exists they automatically changed to PLAN 99, which comes with no free talk time and every call priced@2.75. But we demanded compensation since they need to approach us first regarding plan change and must take our decision. No, the response, we left Hutch and payment too.


Later we switched to Airtel Prepaid, and I took another connection. But BSNL came with good offer and I switched to it. The plan was gorgeous, price is relatively cheap. But network is worst, you will see miracles.

1. If you call some body, you can hear, ring tone, some one’s tone, if you are luck you will be connected to 2-3 jump calls simultaneously.

2. Even some one else called you, you will be billed for that too. (Incoming call will be billed)

3. If you are too lucky you will pay bills to 2-3 calls even though you are attending incoming call.

4. Network is too worst, even you are under cell tower you can’t make or receive calls.

5. Even though you switched off phone you will be charged.

6. You need to stand in long queues to pay phone bills.

After all miracles, I decided to change service, but I went to Karnataka, as mine is postpaid and I need to spend 15 days at B’lore I decided not to activate roaming, later I am shocked to see my bill, my bills shows I made calls cost Rs. 1500 during my stay at B’lore. But my sim is in my bag and I used Hutch connection at B’lore. So, again I decided not to pay the bill. since at BSNL no one bother to answer you.

Later, I again used my previous Airtel Prepaid, I stayed at Kalyan Nagar, Hyderabad, the Airtel tower was ( now also) very problematic and despite of complaints no one bother to repair the tower. So, I decided to change, now Idea Pre Paid.


My journey with Idea was pleasant for one year. Later I shifted to a village with no Internet connection. Then I activated GPRS to browse Internet. They charged 5 rupees a day and unlimited band width usage. It went fine for few days, later I saw a sudden 475 rupees decrease in my balance. I called customer care, they told me that downloaded some wall papers and I was charged for that. But I just checked mails at Gmail. I tried to explain that to 3 customer care representatives but they terminated my call. Then I approached their Customer Shoppe at Guntur, they told me that, they are receiving numerous complaints about PrePaid GPRS and suggested me to take Post Paid connection. I filled up the form and took new sim with same number ( Conversion from PrePaid to postpaid) and they promised me that my new sim will be activated in 24hrs. Even after 3 days new sim showed no sign of activation, then I approached them they told me that there are facing some technical problems and instead of conversion they gave me a new number, and again promised me that I will get that activation in 24hrs. After 48hrs I called them and they reluctant to handle my problem. They said “Your connection will be activated, but it make take one day or one week or one month, but that will be activated”.

It took another 5 days for activation, and I moved to city so, I decided not to activate GPRS, later I received bill for 3800 rupees, and talk time I used was 382 rupees, rental was 500 rupees. When I inquired about bill, customer care representative told me that, they accidentally charged me with previous owner’s bill. They suggested me to pay the bill first and get the change done at Adalat. But who will return service tax and Education cess (32% nearly). So, again no payments from my side. They even not bothered to visit me for bill payment.

Again I took Airtel Post Paid. Since I moved to new place and here tower works fine.

This time, every thing was happy, and customer care showed much more interest, bill payment options are wide. But Technical service was worst. I am unable to register for online bills and I am unable to pay online. I asked customer care to solve my problem, after some hundreds of calls to customer care and numerous calls from customer care, my problem still the same. Account associated with previous user was still active with lot bugs. Fed up, I canceled the connection and took another Airtel Post Paid connection. Lets see what happens.

PS: 1. Tower problem at Kalyan Nagar Airtel, still not resolved.

2. Hutch is now Vodafone.

3. Vodafone(or Hutch) network was the worst, 100 times worst than BSNL.

4. Still Vodafone decides plan issues unanimously. No customer opinion is sought.

5. Winning lotto is far easier than to get Hutch Customer Care connection.

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Bharat Uday Mission – Democracy redefined.

After 4 years Bharat Uday Mission started made revolutionary change in India or will bring SocioPolitical revolution in India soon. I am happy to see that they have now a Constitution Every day. Their objective to cleanse Economically, Politically, Culturally devastated India. Hight lights of the constitution.

Committed to objectives, Moderators of leader of Bharat Uday Mission are ignoring their duties and internal democracy.

1.2.3. Organizational Principles

4. Belief in internal democracy,

1.4 Definitions

Quorum: For any decision making, any committee meeting shall have a quorum of 2/3rd of the members.

Above 2 sentence from Constitution of makes sense, but are they really implemented in practice?

In any country or in any organisation, consent of majority of members required for approval of a rule, law or anything. And before accepting such things discussion will be held and views of every one will be considered. Any amendments to pre- approved ones will be dealt in same manner and must be accepted by majority. Even before framing rules, all members are requested to give their inputs and suggestions for framing rules, and considering all those a new law or rule will be framed.

In monarchy, the law will be passed by central committee and every one will know about that once after it is approved by ruler or ruling committee. No one will have any idea of whats going on and no others cannot take part because their membership is restricted. Once after law is enacted, suggestions from members may be considered or totally ignored.

So, Bharat Uday Mission is Democratic or Monarch?

1.2.5. No compromise on core ideology
Our core ideology, as described above, is eternal in spirit and the Mission will never compromise on its ideology. Notwithstanding anything in this constitution, any change in the description of the core ideology can be made only by the National Council of The Mission by a unanimous vote.

Above rule makes internal democracy lot more difficult, once a rule is adopted, even all members resistance can be ignored just because of a single veto vote.

Other such highlights of their constitution.

More over they ignored first generation social reformers Bapu, Jyothy Bapule, Potti Sriramulu, Prakasam, Veeresalingam, Ram Mohan Roy. This shows how small is their brains and knowledge are.

1.2.1. Vision

The Mission’s primary objective is to cleanse the present degenerative socio-political system, create a progressive society and transform India into a socially, economically and culturally developed nation.”

I can understand what Economic development mean, atleast Social Development makes some sense, but what is Cultural development? Does it has any sense, should we throw all our customs and traditions and adopted western culture to become Culturally rich?

The Mission through selfless service will act as a social organization to prepare the country for transformation and to attain a deeper understanding of the realities of the society. The mission will also participate in electoral politics to bring about large scale transformation by giving the country the best possible governance.

Can some body explain what they mean by realities of society, and which transformation to liquid state? And the second sentence is truly stupid one.

1.2.2. Ideals of Members

2. I will uphold the highest level of moral values and ethics.

Can some body tell me what is the highest level and other level of moral values.

6. I will not involve in any activity directly or indirectly which results in violence or mental agony to anyone due to any personal reason or ego.

Is this possible? Even I want to fight corruption that will result in mental agony to some one, so what shall I do?

8. I will be open-minded to any good idea.

Can I mark an Idea as bad Idea and throw that out.

1.2.3. Organizational Principles

4. Belief in internal democracy,

1.2.4. Commitments

2. The Mission shall give selfless service to society.

I don’t think mission has self or body or life.

4. The Mission shall be committed to a caste-free society, one that is free of all forms of caste based identity and caste consciousness, to achieve social equality in true spirit.

What about religion and regional feeling.

1.3. Objectives

1. To achieve full functional literacy by giving free, compulsory and quality school education to all and higher education at reasonable costs.

What is the meaning of reasonable cost? I am running an international school and in my view reasonable cost for Kinder Garden is about 2lakhs per annum.

2. To provide every citizen with opportunities for a decent standard of living, ensure that all essential commodities are available to all the needy sections of the society irrespective of their purchasing power and end all kinds of exploitation.

Equal opportunities, how through reservations? Can you list the needy sections of society. Business is also one kind of exploitation, so, will you end all sort of business activities?

5. To protect the citizens from internal and external terrorism. To resolve the conflicts within the framework of the constitution of India peacefully through negotiation.

Peacefully, so why Army? will you dissolve that?

9. To promote Arts & Crafts, local culture, sports, recreation and healthy lifestyles.

How local culture is different and how you promote that? Healthy lifestyles, any schemes for “Compulsory Exercise”

Constitution is not matter of 7 idiot brains, comprehensive discussions, voting, long term work, knowledge of other such organisations and lot more needed for framing rules and Constitution, but such patience and dedication is mission in BUM.

Bharat Uday Mission is a movement initiated by the conscious people of India, who believe in action.

This is the ultimate joke, none committed to work how can you achieve objectives by working occasionally.

Changing constitution everyday makes that a toilet paper. Even the moderators couldn’t wait for a few days for suggestion from members to publish next version of Constitution. Such I am right method will definitely harm the society, how can a few members reflect thousands of member views. Even they ignored diversity of ideas. Software Engineering offers better democracy, these people at least try to understand and implement Software Engineering principles.

Before framing Constitution, one must increase breadth and depth of their knowledge, but these busy members can’t get time to do. And I hope stringent comments to this post, but as I believer of democracy I am not moderating comments, I welcome such comments too. But resistance comments from BU active members if any will make BU nothing but another mud throwing political party. Democracy says first think what they say , what they mean and cleanse yourself before responding to other comments.

All the best.

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Congress and Communist’s Minority Vote bank policies will initiate Hindu-Muslim Riots.

20% voters in TN are Muslims, in Bengal Bangladeshi Muslims voters influence result in more than 160 constituencies, in AP MIM already laid foundations for another Nizam’s regime. Congress and other affiliates look at these figures only. To attract those Minorities and make them permanent congress voters Karunanidhi initiated a game “Hurt majority’s feelings”. For the sake of those votes, them completely ignored infiltration from Bangladesh and handcuffed BSF.

Even after series of blasts Communist government still financing Madarasas, its nothing but financing future terrorists. And Congress to aid its corruption, destroying Police department, after Congress gained power at Kerala, Church Bishops acquired forest lands illegally and became landlords holding thousands of acres.  (Full Article at And this ignited high crime rates and now Kerala comes first in southern India. This pushed forward poverty levels among non Christians, these religious leaders exploited natural resources, politicians (Congress and Communists) acted sleep in order to gain minority votes.

But this will create agony and hatred towards Muslims and Christians, Hindus true peace keepers in India will tolerate such exploitations. How long?

A leader will arise from such environment, he will fight for Hindus but the ruling government will try to suppress him. At one point of time that will cross barrier levels, if peace keepers start violence who can stop them?

This will take another 10-15 years but once Hindu terrorism starts, no one in the world could put an end to it. That terrorism will sweep all Muslims and Christians from India even from Earth. But who are responsible? Are all Muslims and Christians are anti Hindus?

No, in India, or India is the only country on Earth where a Hindu, a Muslim and a Christian leaves together, but the politicians and religious leaders to gain political and economic power using religion to unrest the nation. Christian and Muslim leaders earning billions of dollars on the name of religion, but in turn they are exploiting their own men in order to keep them poor and then only they will listen to them. Especially Muslim leaders won’t let Muslims to develop since poor Muslim youth can be used as Human Bombs.

First of all these religious leader especially Muslims propagated anti Hindu, but Hindus famous for religious tolerance ignored Hindu hatred of Muslims, which made Muslims to think about development and they gradually getting freed from the hands of those religious leaders, and this made those leaders to search for alternatives more over not all Indian Muslims can kill their own country people on the name of Jihad, and Bangla Muslims came handy, due to entirely corrupted Congress and Communists Bangladesh people settled all over India and are now Human Bombs.

But how long a person can bear such activities, Hindus are humiliated in their own country, this will stir up beast behavior of Humans and some how want to keep them alive they use weapons, if 70 crore Hindus take weapons how long the 30 crore minorities can sustain?

Please, Congress and Communists don’t split India into 3 sections, religious fire ignited by you, one day will burn you too. You may gain power today but you will be killed by the terrorism you encouraged under the name Secularism.

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That’s why I support privatisation

6th pay commission is the burning issue among central government employees. Trade Unions trying to start a tight fight with government. But in vain they forgot to work and demanding even too low productivity.

Consider Postal department and a private Courier.

What are the duties of postman.

Private courier:

1. Collect packet from main office.

2. Sort according to beat route.

3. Deliver packets.

4. Collect packets from clients.

5. Take these packets to main office and get the second packet for delivery.

6. Repeat steps from 2-4

7. Third time delivery if demands.

For a typical load 2 employees will take care of the above process.

And what about postal department.

1. Class 4 employee brings the packet from Head post office.

2. Sorter sorts the letters according to postman’s beat.

3. Postman collects his packet from post office and delivers.

4. Reports at office and leave to home.

5. At 4 PM  postman collects letters from post boxes.

6. Give them to clerk.

7. Class 4 employee packs them and transfers to main office.

For the same load 1 class 4 employee, 1 clerk, 4 postmen deal the process.

What about salaries, class 4 employee gets 3000, each postman gets 5,000 and clerk gets 12k.

So, in case of postal department the delivery process alone costs 35k per month. And a private courier runs the same process at 6-9k plus door pick up service.

And if 6th pay commission comes, the same postman get 12,500, clerk salary goes to 16,000 and EDA (class 4 ) employee gets 6,000. SO the same procedure costs 72k. So the government pays at least 63k more and for less work.

Trade Unions demanding more sleep at work and more salary for the sleep.

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